The largest 2-day-2-night outdoor music festival in Thailand which has been carried on annually around the end of the first week of December for 4 consecutive years. Now, the festival gathers people around 65,000 from all over the country and starts to have participants from around the world to come and enjoy the shows of 400 bands, nightclubs, bars, art shows, food and retailers. In addition, the festival also provides special entertaining booths, various types of stages and camping area for participants who would like enjoy the nature and music at the same time. Cow has been used as a campaign main symbol since the beginning and it has been known as "Colorful Cow" which using "MUN YAI MAK" (IT's SO BIG) as it's catchy tagline but the theme has been changed differently each year. This BMMF 4, we came up with the theme RUAM TOOK PUN MUN TOOK POA  (United of Music Tribes) which inspired all the music lovers from different genres to come out and enjoy their musics they love. We used the rare real traditional handmade stitches of all tribes from all over Thailand and combine them into one piece of keyart. It's a very simple approach but very affective. The campaign turned out successfully.

Thailand’s biggest open-air music festival, “Big Mountain Music Festival” (Mun-Yai-Mark) has continued its success to its fourth time. This time we came up with a concept and slogan of “Ruam-Took-Pun-Mun-Took-Pao” which literally means “All tribes united, all have fun.” We decided to use an authentic traditional Thai’s weaving patterns and material into our design works.
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