Although relatively new, digital TV channel market in Thailand is highly competitive. New players in the media industry are enteringthe digital TV channel race everyday, making the business verylucrative. The overwhelming supply has created a consumer’s choicemarket, putting competition ground on show’s ratings that channelprovider will filter for survivors on the long run. GMM Channel is a sub-brand under GMM Grammy, one of Thailand’sbiggest music and entertainment conglomerates. This very importantclient of ours has requested us to constantly inject refreshing brandimage for GMM Channel. This project lifted off from logo design andslogan crafting while a consistent composition on other material getproduced as the channel carries on its operation. The primary objective is to set the audience’s perspective thatthe channel is filled with content that delivers all the excitement of lifewhile emerging as a long standing household brand akin to a life-longfamily member. Under the tagline “Together, everyday is fun.”, thechannel was launched under the steering of mad’s branding capability. Just like branding, the key element to succeed in digital TV isconsistency of new content. GMM Channel has been enjoying itscontinuing dominance in the rating department not only because itsquality in content generating but also the package and branding whichdeliver those content to the market. Once again, MAD has made the best better and in this case,constantly ahead of its competitors.
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