A stadium concert event for the die-hard fans of James,Jirayuth Tungsrisuk, Thai soap opera sweetheart turns nationalcelebrity. This is the giant step that James takes to shed his skin as afresh face teen actor into a full fledged entertainer, transcendingabove the 30 seconds of fame his peers inevitably face.This is another exciting opportunity to propose an open-endedsolution to the event. Out of all the ideas we proposed to explorecreative and branding potential of the concert, we concluded that theartist, James, as a persona is strong enough to stand as a brand. His playfulness and refreshing personality is commercially accessible tofans of diverse demography. Thus that was our goal – to make thisgrand event more personal and intimate, after all this is a meet andgreet. “Monkey King” is the term the fans refer to James endearingly for hismonkey like cheeky demeanor. This intimate nick name became thekey concept of the concert. Key visual is dictate by simplicity and lighthearted sense of humor. The concept also materializes intomechanization of photo books and other themed collector’s items. Never has Thailand before seen such a meet & greet event that is sofully catered to the fans with such brand readiness.
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