We were met with high expectation from the client to make this sequel stand out beyond what other companies have done to the previous ones. This product branding campaign returned to our hands after the success we established for the franchise during the fourth movie. This sixth installment is also the historical franchise’s finale. Every bit of promotional material is as important as the film itself. They are all a sum of a cornerstone in Thai film industry as well as the legacy of Thai history. The artwork is crafted into many items – teaser posters, character posters and payoff posters, all in both still and motion poster. The tricky thing with historical movie is that the story line has already been written. Our challenge was to emphasize on the dynamic of a well known story while subtly showing the underlying mechanic of how the story unfolds. The visual concept we created for this campaign is very distinctive from its predecessors. The movie excelled in box office beyond anyone’s expectation.
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